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Van Wylde found himself wandering the desert, longing for more than just water. As he crawled over the dunes, he must have seen many things. Illusion? For in the distance was a ravishing goddess of fertility, born from the sand like an ancient sex god. Wonderful banks of diamonds sparkle among the rough! The sun hugged her curves and the wind blew against her flimsy clothes as she approached, bringing him life-giving moisture as he looked up at those firm breasts and those full, smiling lips. smile at him. When he regains consciousness, Van finds himself in Diamond's temple - or so it seems - as she guides him back to full health… Making sure he's strong as she drools on his cock and grind her juicy ass against his body! But wait, since when do mystical temples have engine-idling bathrooms and closets? What's going on here?!

Lost in the desert and the end

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 Movie Studio: Brazzers 

 Actor: Diamond Banks Van Wylde 

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